growth, challenge, choice, and responsibility.

Now you have a place to learn how to do it well and with ease. Our tools provide guidance to create and achieve your individual and business success.

The road to success is found by knowing where you have been, determining where you want to go, and then accelerating your business to get there. The my vNacelle myBVA (Business Value Accelerator™) process gives you guidance and tools to create and achieve individual and business success at an accelerated rate.

vNacelle® is an international consulting firm that has taken hundreds of business owners and their management teams to the next level as they seek to experience accelerated growth and improve their business value.

myBVA Groups combine expert facilitation with peer support using a streamlined online experience for busy business leaders.
  • Develop your leadership skills and knowledge
  • Accelerate your business value
  • Create a high performing Entrepreneurial team
  • Connect and share with like minded peers to navigate obstacles and build on opportunities
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Entrepreneurs are busy people and you’ve gotten to where you are through continued learning. Here you have the option to use the BVA process online and create an individualized path toward your goals.

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my vNacelle Virtual library provides entrepreneurs and business leaders relevant knowledge, research and resources to help you build, grow, and run your business. Visit regularly to find valuable, relevant and useful articles, blogs, book reviews, and more…

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  • The Entrepreneurial Flight® model is core to our myBVA process. It has been acknowledged as leading-edge thinking for private businesses by a number of business leaders including faculty of the Harvard Business School. It helps entrepreneurs and business owners evaluate and gain critical insights in moving toward accelerated business growth.