What is the myBVA Process

Our tools provide guidance to create and achieve your individual and business success.

my vNacelle offers CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners the proven and successful myBVA (Business Value Accelerator™) process online. The myBVA process will guide you to create and achieve your personal/business goals so your business will fly faster in the direction you want it to go.

myBVA Process

Together we navigate through the process of business value acceleration and sustainability. You will create an understanding of current business realities and chart a course for growth. As you develop specific skills, behaviors and mindsets for each stage of business, you will gain clarity and confidence to increase growth and success.

If you are truly committed to building your company then let us guide you through the process of business value acceleration and sustainability.

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Executives and Entrepreneurs can now experience the benefit of the myBVA (Business Value Accelerator™) process in a virtual peer group setting. myBVA Groups combine expert facilitation with peer support using a streamlined and cost effective online experience for busy business leaders. You, along with like-minded members and an expert myBVA Coach, will share skills, knowledge and wisdom. The myBVA process keeps you moving in your desired direction.

myBVA group logo Benefits

  • Develop your leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Achieve increased financial freedom and dramatic business growth for yourself and those around you.
  • Accelerate your business value and make your business one that will be sustainable for you, your family, employees, successors and all that rely on the business.

myBVA group logo Member Profile

  • Busy growth minded CEO, entrepreneur or business leader
  • Desire to accelerate entrepreneurial growth for you and your business
  • Smart, passionate, open-minded, critical thinker, sense of humor
  • Collaborative and willing to share and receive valuable feedback

myBVA group logo Process

  • Convenient virtual meetings
  • Expert facilitated three hour meeting once per month
  • 4-8 members for optimum interaction and feedback
  • The proven myBVA framework for growth and success with actionable strategies and accountability for progress
  • Customized process to match your stages and growth
  • A safe and confidential environment
  • Actionable strategies and accountability for progress
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Entrepreneurs are busy people and you’ve gotten to where you are through continued learning. Here you have the option to use the myBVA process online and create an individualized path toward to your goals.

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The road to success is found by knowing where you have been, determining where you want to go and then accelerating your business to get there. Contact us today to accelerate your development as an entrepreneur and the development of your team to make your business fly faster and farther.

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